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It’s rarely their fault, but…

In the past few months, I have been conducting sales training for several companies. The question I frequently ask the salespeople in the group is:  ‘What is holding you back from selling a lot more?’ The answers usually include the following:

The #1 Skill You Need to Convert More Prospects to Customers

There are many different emotional intelligence skills that can help you improve sales and turn prospects into customers. One of the biggest is what’s called “delayed gratification.” Delayed gratification means that you’re willing to do the background work before you get

How You Approach Sale Matters When it comes to Closing

If you’re in business, you obviously want to make sales. Sales equal profits and without profits you soon won’t have to worry about sales because you’ll be out of business. If sales are so vitally important, then it is equally important

Focus on the Customer and You Will Close the Deal

It’s not easy being a successful salesperson, but something worth having certainly takes work. One thing that all good salespeople know is that you have to keep your eye on the ball. The problem is that the ball is constantly on

Dress for Success

There is one very important, yet simple rule in the worlds of sales. How you look is how you are perceived. In other words if you want to be seen as a consummate professional who is on top of their game,

Closing the Deal the Right Way

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you are interested in honing your sales skills. You probably have a desire to take your sales game to the next level, by improving your ability to close a sale. If so, congratulations

A Closer Believes That They Can Close the Deal

The business world is a cutthroat, dog eat dog environment. Each business is any given field is competing with every other business in that field for a finite amount of customers. Those customers represent sales and the sales convert into profit.

Avoid Any Kind Of Social Media Drama

THE WORLD of job recruitment is increasingly competitive and most companies have to view hundreds of applications for every job opening they offer. This makes it hard for human resources to pick the best candidates and it slows the process down

The dangers of running a business without a Facebook marketing strategy

No one could ever doubt that social media in general has become the most important tool for everyone who is involved in any kind of business strategy in modern times. Facebook is the king of the hill in the social media

How to use Hashtags on Facebook

It has become common knowledge that Facebook now has Hashtags just like Twitter, but the most important thing to consider is that you need to learn how to use them effectively on this network in order to get the kind of